Hygiene Box with Refill

Hygiene bags are made available to discard used sanitary napkins, razors, or any other personal disposables inside before placing in an appropriate bin.
1- They encourage people to not flush sanitary items down the toilet, which may result in clogging of lines and provide a more discreet method of disposal.
2- You will have seen them in hotel rooms for example, where typically there is no sanitary bin in each room.
3- Hygiene bags are an attractive, discreet and convenient sanitary disposal bag system.Comprising a dispenser containing a renewable pack of hygienic white gusseted biodegradable poly bags.
4- These units add a nice touch to your washrooms and are ideal for hotel en-suite rooms,restaurants, offices, malls etc., especially where no separate sanitary bin is available.
5- Refill packs contain 25 white bags. Bag size is 28 x 98cm (LxW) with gusset 4cm+4cm
6- These refill packs are available for use without dispensers.
7- Hygiene bag dispensers are available in a range of colours.

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