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Biodegradable Cutlery

Bowl 350ml

Burger Box

Clamshell 2CP

Clamshell 3 Compartment

Cornstarch container with lid 500ml

Cup 250ml with Sipper lid

Desert Spoon 4″

Dome Lid 80Dia

Dome Lid 95Dia

Flat Lid 70 Dia

Flat Lid 80Dia

Flat Lid 95 Dia

Fork 7″

Knife 6.5″

Melon Bowl 150ml

Oval Bowl 150ml

Plate 10″ 3CP

Plate 12″ 4CP


Round Bowl 150ml

Sipper Lid

Spoon 6″

Spork 5.5″

Square Plate 4CP

Straw 8″ 8mm

Tester Spoon 3.5″

Tray 5 CP

Clamshell 600ml Plain

Clamshell 750 ml

Plain Plate 12″

Plate 10″

Plate 7″

Plate 6″

Spoon 7″