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Cosmos Eco Friends, is one of the leading manufacturers, importers, and suppliers of a comprehensive range of biodegradable, disposable products which are environmental friendly.

The company is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter of various types of single use disposable products, which are widely utilized in different industries such as factories, shops, restaurants, hotels, catering and hospitals etc. The product range also includes 100% biodegradable and compostable products made up of Cornstarch, Bagasse, Wood and other biodegradable materials.
Our range is continuously being added to, taking into account of customer demand. We can fulfill all your requirements in one place including customized printing and packing of items.


We wish to introduce ourselves to you as manufacturers, suppliers and importers of biodegradable single use tableware and packaging products made from cornstarch, bagasse and other biodegradable materials which are compostable.

Almost everyone now knows the earth is heavily polluted by non degradable plastic products and many people are making great efforts to correct the serious situation so that we and our future generations can have a cleaner, safer and a better world to live in. Biodegradable products or environmental friendly products are the best way to solve the problem. Whether it’s to protect our environment, or because of compulsory regulations from the government, one thing is clear; "that the whole world needs to switch to single use biodegradable products."

It has now become essential both for hygiene and safety reasons that single use tableware be used instead of  reusable crockery. This is a wakeup call from the Covid-19 pandemic, where hygiene, safe use and disposal have become a top priority for food service in the hospitality, medical and Corporate sectors.

Our main products are corn-starch-made disposable products, and sugar cane waste based bagasse products. We also have a range of wooden products.

Corn-starch is indeed biodegradable, a completely natural, and compost able product, which differentiates from conventional biodegradable material. Its components are derived entirely from renewable raw materials - corn, which is not only bio-degradable, but also helps to conserve   our environment. It also requires less energy in processing than conventional biodegradable products.

Cosmos Eco Friends is continuously developing new forms of biodegradable products and is actively involved in evaluating new materials, and new manufacturing processing. Our objective is to find and develop new biodegradable products that have good utility in use, as well as being environmental friendly. Our ranges are produced to be 100% biodegradable and thereby sustain our environment.

In order to expand our product lines and meet the great need for biodegradable products from our customers, our Company has collaborations with a few biodegradable product manufacturers to become our close partners on technical research and production.

We also have tie ups for domestic marketing through our channel partners and have a presence overseas markets through our export clients.

We are making efforts to be environmentally friendly, to make our earth more green than it is today. Also we are hoping that our steps will reduce the carbon foot print by using eco-friendly raw materials made from sustainable natural resources.

We are environmentally responsible with a small eco-footprint, and are also socially responsible to our work force