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Five Types of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging and Three Quit

In the sudden climate change, the health of our planet is at stake and the effects of plastic packaging are especially devastating. Everywhere we look, from the ocean floor to the side of the road, we find plastic bags and other nondegradable packaging littering the environment. For this reason, people are now pushing for more sustainable packaging options in an effort to reduce plastic production and improve the environment. We must make sure that every product is carefully examined and that more recyclable and biodegradable

materials are chosen whenever possible. Through widespread education, strong laws, and collaboration between companies, government, and communities, we can all help make the world a greener and more sustainable place. Let’s fight to remove plastic packaging and work together to make the planet a healthier and safer place. In this article we explain the need for eco-friendly food containers wholesale

Why is bearable food packaging important?

The future of our planet relies on the ability to make sustainable and conscious decisions. Reusable shopping bags and reusable water bottles are two small, yet impactful changes we can make to protect the environment. By switching to sustainable items like these, we can start to reduce the amount of plastic pollution and damage caused to our planet. Even if you don’t think it’s worth the extra effort, remember: small changes can add up to make a big difference! So let’s make the switch today and together, let’s create a greener, healthier planet.  Fortunately, thanks to new sustainable technologies, alternatives like bioplastics and plant-based extracts are now becoming more readily available. While they have their own limitations, they have been proven to have much lower transfer of hazardous chemicals into food and the human body, which helps protect the environment and human health. By making this switch to eco-friendlier food containers wholesale options, we are helping to protect our health and that of the planet. It’s a simple, yet important change that will make a huge difference in the long run.

Below are the five eco-friendly food packaging options which make plant fortune and your health too.

1. Glass containers

Glass food and drink containers are the perfect way to stay environmentally friendly and sustainable. Not only are they durable and easy to clean, but they are also reusable and recyclable. For example, glass water bottles and bento boxes can easily transport food while keeping it fresh. Although they do not come with leak-proof lids, plastic lids with a silicone seal or bamboo lids that can double as a cutting board can be used to keep the containers closed and food safe. To reduce any potential risk to health, it is best to ensure the lids used are free of Bisphenol-A (BPA). On top of that, glass containers are known to last 3.5 times longer than plastics, making them an even more appealing choice to help reduce plastic waste.

2. Stainless steel

Glass storage jars with stainless steel, airtight lids provide the perfect combination of convenience, health, and sustainability when it comes to storing and transporting your food. Durable and rust-free, stainless steel lids offer a secure, airtight seal to keep your food fresher for longer, and the lids are heat resistant so you can put hot food inside without worrying about damaging them. For transporting food to go, a stainless steel bento lunch box is the ideal option; it’s leak-free, BPA-free, and comes with colorful, food-safe silicone lids for extra safety. Reusable and recyclable, stainless steel offers the safest and most sustainable food storage solution.

3. Bamboo

Biodegradable disposable products and food  packaging is a sustainable way to keep food fresh. From glass jars with bamboo lids to portable lunch boxes and bread boxes, there are endless possibilities to enjoy fresh meals without adding plastic to the environment. Although bamboo containers can be an environmentally friendly option, they don’t have the same longevity as glass or stainless steel containers. For those looking for more durability, we recommend switching out bamboo containers for glass and stainless steel when possible.

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