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Issues With Plasticware And How To Fix It With Eco-friendly Alternatives

The usage of single-use plastic cutlery is a major factor behind the increasing global pollution and degradation of our environment. Plasticware releases harmful toxins when it decomposes in the environment which may cause severe health risks if consumed. Moreover, the high production and use of

biodegradable disposable products manufacturers in Delhi are plasticware which generates huge amounts of waste each year that leads to severe water contamination. The alarming rate of 8 million tonnes per annum dumped into oceans shows the scale of this problem. Therefore, reducing our dependency on single-use plastics and proper management of plastic waste can help minimise these issues significantly.

Single Use plastic polluting water bodies

1. Polluting water bodies:

Every time we take a bite from a fast food container, it’s easy to forget the environmental impacts of all that single-use plastic packaging. Not only does it pollute our waterways when thrown away carelessly, but it also affects the quality of the water that eventually finds its way into our homes. With all the current knowledge about climate change and the environment, it’s time to think twice before reaching for those convenient but damaging containers.

2. A threat to marine life:

Tens of thousands of innocent wildlife like whales, seals, birds, and turtles are being needlessly killed due to our irresponsible behaviour towards nature and wildlife. Plastic waste is a major factor in this – when it is dumped into the oceans, it pollutes the marine environment. Animals often mistakenly consume plastic bags as food such as jellyfish which then can’t be digested or passed by them, leaving the animal feeling chronically hungry and unable to feed itself.

Single use plastic: risk to marine life.

Source: WWF-Australia

3. Plasticware can’t be recycled:

Due to the widespread use of polystyrene plastic cutlery, which cannot be recycled, this waste is sent directly to landfills, contributing to the pollution and damage to our environment. An eco-friendly alternative is compostable and biodegradable disposable products manufacturers in Delhi are tableware that can be easily broken down naturally. By making this switch, we can help reduce landfill waste and preserve our planet for future generations.

4. Adverse health problems of using plastic:

You can help reduce your plastic usage and protect the environment by switching to biodegradable tableware instead of plastic cutleries. This can also keep you safe from harmful toxins like dioxin, Phthalates and Biphenyl. A which are released from plastic when exposed to high temperatures. Going green is an easy way to ensure a healthy lifestyle for yourself as well as for your planet.

The answer is quite simple fixing the issue of plastic waste. How?

Below are few tips:

I. Use Compostable Tableware-

Compostable cutlery and eco-friendly tableware is a great alternative to plastic tableware. Ecoware is leading the charge, with their 100% backyard compostable tableware made from agricultural residues. When disposed of in landfills, it can be integrated with other compostable material such as organic matter. This helps reduce our reliance on single-use plastics, helping protect the environment and our planet.

II. Use Reusable Metal Cutlery-

Reusable metal cutlery is a great choice for both households and large gatherings or parties. Not only will they last longer than biodegradable tableware, but they also don’t need to be disposed of after each use, saving time and energy in the process.

III. Stop Using Single-Use Plastics-

It is time to take the pledge and avoid plastic cutlery at restaurants. Let us ask for

biodegradable disposable products manufacturers in Delhi aretableware or reusable tableware instead of opting for plastic plates and straws. This could inspire food joints to start offering paper plates instead and contribute towards reducing plastic pollution.

If you care about the environment and your health, it is important to avoid using plastic in any form. The most responsible solution is to switch to Compostable Tableware instead. They are completely biodegradable and can be purchased from Ecoware Shop, providing an easy way for everyone to make a difference.

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