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Simple Tips to reduce plastic

It’s truly mind-boggling to think that 8 million tonnes of plastic – which is the same weight as 150 Titanic ships – is entering our oceans every year. It’s no wonder plastic pollution has become such an alarming environmental climate that we’re recently facing. With so much biodegradable disposable products inundating our oceans, it’s going to take serious commitment from all of us to decrease our plastic usage and keep our oceans clean. It’s not too late to make a difference, let’s all be the change we want to see in our environment.

Here are a few simple and unique tips which are going to help you get started to clean the environment.

1.Purchase products in bulk or recyclable packaging. For items you need on a daily basis like grains and dry beans, purchasing in bulk is the way to go. If possible, opt for glass containers and jars with resealable lids.

2. Recyclable shopping bags and water bottles.

Recyclable shopping bags and water bottles are basic items that we should be using in order to minimise our plastic waste. It’s important to invest in durable and eco-friendly  recyclable options that you can use over and over again.

3. Bring your own containers. It’s also helpful to bring your own containers when getting take-out food, purchasing deli items or purchasing bulk items. This will help you avoid getting additional items that need single-use packaging.

4. Support eco-friendly brands. Look for brands that focus on creating packaging that is either compostable or recyclable. If you can’t find something that is environmentally friendly, don’t

hesitate to reach out and make a suggestion.

These few tips can help you to significantly decrease the amount of single-use plastics in your life and help to keep our planet green and healthy. If we all take the time to make tiny changes in our lives, together we can make a big impact on our planet.

5.Invest in a reusable water bottle

Going green has never been easier. Examine in a recyclable water bottle is one of the most important things you can do to make a positive environmental impact. With over a million plastic bottles being sold internationally every minute, why not make the switch to something reusable and sustainable? Make a positive impact and join the recyclable revolution – it’s the simple choice.

6. Avoid (or recycle!) plastic bottle caps.

When we go out for drinks, let’s choose more environmentally-friendly options. Reach for reusable glass or stainless steel bottles and cups. That way, we won’t have to worry about disposable plastic caps finished up in our oceans and polluting the planet. Instead, let’s show our planet some love by ditching single-use plastic drinks.

It’s easy to get caught up in grabbing something on-the-go, but when it comes to disposing of plastic bottle caps, we should be mindful of the damage they can do to our environment. Avoid buying beverages in

biodegradable disposable products and plastic bottles with caps, and if you do use them, don’t forget to recycle. Doing our part to keep plastic bottle caps out of our environment can make a world of difference.

7. Ask for your drink “plastic-free

It’s such a simple request, but one that goes a long way: no straw please. Let’s help keep our ocean free of plastic waste and save our sea life. So, while you may get a funny look from your bartender, asking for your drink to be plastic-free will make a big difference. And hey, who knows, maybe the lack of that pesky plastic umbrella will make your drink even more refreshing.

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